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About Us

LabCostume, Laboratorio di Costume per lo Spettacolo, was born as a project to bring together a group of professionals with the same passion for the Costume and Fashion.

Today LabCostume is a creative enterprise that organizes courses, seminars and internships. It collaborates with various theaters and companies, participates in and organizes events.

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What we do

Since 2006 we have held courses with the best professors to transfer know-how to those who want to work in the field of costume and entertainment. We believe it is essential to preserve the character and the ability of “savoir faire” in the third millennium and to pass on skills and expertise through quality training.

Our Advantage

Artistic craftsmanship serves as a bridge between the ancient and the modern, between memory, innovation and creativity. LabCostume was born to create a strong bond between the Italian cultural heritage and the development of a new economy of services and production.

What We Offer

Siamo una realtà attiva con una community di oltre 4.500 appassionati, allievi e docenti. La nostra mission è diffondere una cultura imprenditoriale e artigianale tra i Giovani, la risorsa vitale del nostro lavoro.


Upcoming Courses

LabCostume offers courses, workshops and seminars for all training needs.
Browse and find what suits you best and if you want more information, contact us on info@labcostume.com and we will be happy to offer personalized advice.

Corso di Costume per lo spettacolo
Course in Performance Costume
In Beauty Makeup / New / Performance Costume / Show
Seminar on Textile Culture
In Fashion / Tailoring / Textile
Seminar on Beauty Makeup and Movie & Theatre Makeup
In Beauty Makeup / Fashion / New / Performance Costume / Show / Weekends
Seminar on Dyeing and Decoration
In Performance Costume / Textile / Weekends
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